On-Farm Food Safety Plans

On-farm food safety (OFFS) plans are becoming standard in many agricultural sectors, including dairying.  All commercial dairy farmers in Canada must have one of these plans, and the mandatory Canadian Quality Milk training program is a federally-recognized OFFS program.

The Raw Milk Institute has developed an on-farm food safety system.  RAWMI-training involves developing two safety plans, the Risk Analysis and Management Plan (RAMP) and the Standard Sanitary Operating Procedures (SSOP).

These OFFS plans can be created for any farm with any type of dairy animals.    Each farm is individual, and the plans are customized for the conditions of each.  Listed below are the RAMPs and SSOPs for trained farmers in our “B.C. Fresh Milk Project.”    Note that, under current BC law, it is necessary to protect the identities of farms involved in this project, so a random 3-digit ID code has been assigned to each farm.

  • Farm 183 – participant in-training, documents being developed
  • Farm 252 – participant in-training, documents being developed
  • Farm 442 – participant in-training, documents being developed
  • Farm 517 RAMP   |   Farm 517 SSOP
  • Farm 644 RAMP   |   Farm 644 SSOP

Other OFFS plans being written by our project participants in-training will be added to this list as they are finalized.

More information: 

  • View this RAWMI webinar “Writing Your RAMP” to learn how to write your own RAMP.  Or, join our “B.C. Fresh Milk” project and our volunteers will help you out.
  • For more examples of RAMPs, see the individual pages for each RAWMI-listed farmer on the Raw Milk Institute website.

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