From Grass to Glass Fresh Milk Training

RAWMI Agister-to-Agister Standards and Mentoring
Presented by the British Columbia Herdshare Association

“From Grass to Glass: Farm-Fresh Milk Excellence”


Get trained in safe and nutritious farm-fresh, unprocessed milk production, for herdshares and fresh milk dairy farms of any size. Cows or goats, one animal or 400, RAWMI standards can work for you!

Part 1:  Workshop: PowerPoint Presentation and Q&A in your local community.
Part 2:   On-farm individual mentoring to be scheduled at your convenience.

Course Objectives:   Herdshare agisters and shareholders will learn about fresh milk best practices and – for agisters – how to implement them on their individual farms. For consumers: caring for milk and what to look for in selecting a farm.

Part 1 – This is a workshop which covers:

  • Introduction – The Raw Milk Institute (RAWMI) and the British Columbia Herdshare Association (BCHA)
  • Conditions for Low-Risk Fresh Milk
  • Why We Test for Coliforms
  • Identifying Your Critical Control Points (CCP)
  • Creating Your Standard Operating Plan (SOP)
  • Writing a Risk Assessment and Management Plan (RAMP)
  • Sanitary Management of Fresh Milk
  • The Importance of Diet for Milk Quality
  • Caring for Fresh Milk: The Responsible Herdshare Member
  • Questions and Answers

Part 2 – Mentoring provided on-site at your farm

Cost:  This training is provided as a free service to the herdshare community by the British Columbia Herdshare Association.

InstructoAlice Jongerden, Agister Mentorr Biography:  

Alice Jongerden is a RAWMI-trained peer mentor who successfully grew her little Chilliwack farm from one cow to twenty-two in less than two years, providing local families with farm-fresh milk and a variety of fresh milk products.

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