Moving Toward the Future

The steering committee met on Saturday April 18th and made a lot of progress toward bringing this organization into being.  At our meeting, we took all results from the community survey and farmer interviews, and looked at them in detail for common themes of what the herdshare community across B.C. would like this organization to be and do.  The three main themes which emerged were advocacy, support, and education.   Based on these results, the “Purposes” that will form the “Constitution” of this organization for our incorporation will be:

  • To advocate on behalf of the herdshare community and its members to the general public, to governments and their agencies, and to any other body that may be appropriate.
  • To support, advance, and promote the interests of the herdshare community of British Columbia.
  • To promote knowledge sharing by education and mentorship programs and to serve as a resource for providing information regarding herdshare best practices.

Our Mission Statement is simple and to the point:   To serve and support the herdshare community of British Columbia”

Work is still necessary to plan the specific services which BCHA will offer to the community, but information about these will be published on this website as various programs are developed.

Volunteers wanted:   Are you interested in volunteering with the BCHA?  Do you have time and skills to offer?  We’ll be posting information about specific volunteer opportunities soon, including Board of Directors positions, but you can drop us a line at if you’d like to offer in advance.  Please include a bit of information about yourself, and preferably a resume or CV detailing your experience.

Also, please join our Mailing List to receive news and announcements.