Milk Sample Testing

Testing allows us to catch and correct minor issues before they grow into major problems.  It helps prevent outbreaks from happening.  At our request, MB Laboratories (Sidney, BC) has made publicly available the testing package designed for the “B.C. Fresh Milk Project” so that all herdshares in BC can use this package whether or not they are project participants.  All tests are FDA-approved.  This package conforms to RAWMI Common Standards. The cost for this package is  $55+GST.    For more information, see the  MB Labs website.

    • Tests: Total Coliforms, Total (Standard) Plate Count, Fecal Coliforms, E. coli , Campylobacter, Listeria (Total & L. monocytogenes), Salmonella, and Shigella
    • Sample Volume:  200 mL or 100 gm
    • Collection:  Use MBL Microbiology bottle or new ziplock bag
    • Shipping:  Keep product refrigerated or chilled with icepacks (DO NOT FREEZE). Ship to lab within 30 hrs of collection.

Many courier companies will do overnight deliveries to MB.   Commonly used are Dan Foss Courier, FedEx, and Purolator, but check your local courier companies for rates and services.  It pays to comparison-shop.

See also RAWMI Trainer Charlotte Smith’s article and instructional video “How to Test Your Milk“.

Have any questions about testing, the BC Fresh Milk Project, or your test results?  Want to take “Grass to Glass” RAWMI training in order to get the best results you can achieve?  Contact us.