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RAWMI Webinar: Write a RAMP food safety plan

Free Webinar:   How to Write a RAMP
Presented by Mark McAfee, Spokesperson, Raw Milk Institute
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“RAMP” stands for “Risk Assessment and Management Plan” and is a key part of the HACCP-based “Risk Analysis and Management Planning” food safety system developed by the non-profit Raw Milk Institute.

The B.C. Government stated that any new law legalizing raw milk will require raw milk farms to have on-farm food safety (OFFS) plans.    The goal is to prevent disease outbreaks, because pathogens such as E.coli STEC, Campylobacter, Salmonella, and Listeria Monocytogenes in contaminated food can cause severe illness.

OFFS are already mandatory for all commercial dairy farmers in Canada via the “Canadian Quality Milk” (CQM) training program.

A RAMP is an on-farm food safety plan specifically designed for raw milk farmers.   Plans are crafted for the unique conditions of each farm, but the process of creating the RAMP plan is common to all.

Mark McAfee, the founder and CEO of the Raw Milk Institute, presents this free webinar on how to write a RAMP plan.

As a farmer-friendly tool, the RAMP plan assures that, “from grass to glass,” risks have been identified, explained, and are continually managed.   Farmers can feel confident that they are producing a safe product.

Consumers appreciate the delicious flavor, longer shelf-life, and the low risk profile of clean raw milk.   Knowing how the milk is being handled lets a consumer make an informed choice about raw milk consumption.  Herdshares can show prospective members their RAMP plans along with test results to prove that they are taking care to produce a safe product.

Mark will explain the RAMP writing and assessment process in an easy to understand, step-by-step webinar.  Join him to take the mystery out of writing a RAMP plan.

(Consumers – please pass this information along to your raw milk provider!)

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Volunteer Coordinator Wanted!

Are you good at working with people, pro-active, and able to supervise and mentor? BCHA needs you! Can you spare a few hours a month to volunteer?

In order to accomplish its goal of serving the herdshare community, bringing farmers and consumers the services they have asked for, BCHA need volunteers. And we need a Volunteer Coordinator to recruit and mentor them.

Your job will working with the directors and committees to identify volunteer needs, advertising for volunteers, interviewing them, and helping supervise and mentor them. As a Director, you will also be involved in management decision making for the organization.

Interested? Please email

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B.C. Status Report – March 2016

BC-status-report imageThis is a presentation that scheduled to be given by a volunteer, Alice Jongerden, via teleconferencing at a recent conference, but last minute technical difficulties made that impossible.  It summarizes the current situation in B.C. of laws which impact herdshares and the movement to change them.

Download the B.C. Status Report here (.ppsm PowerPoint presentation file with audio, 10 meg)




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U of Guelph – Raw Milk Symposium 2016 Presentations

aliceB.C.H.A. volunteer Alice Jongerden was invited and scheduled to give a presentation at the “Raw Milk Symposium 2016 –  Building Bridges for a Canadian Raw Milk Policy” conference at the University of Guelph. Unfortunately, she received the announcement just as the conference started that her talk had been cancelled because of technical problems with teleconferencing.

Her two talks, “What’s up in B.C.?  A Status Report” and “Legal Herdsharing: Exploring How it Could be Done,” will be recorded and full audio versions posted shortly.


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We want to hear your positive raw milk stories!

Last month, a raw milk consumer here in B.C. spoke to a staff person at the Ministry of Health, sharing her story about how raw milk is helping her with a serious health issue.   This staff person told her that this was the FIRST positive thing that the Ministry had ever heard from the public about raw milk, the first time they had heard that it has any benefits!

BCHA wants to ensure that the decision-makers hear more accounts of raw milk’s benefits and the positive ways in which it has supported and improved lives.   The government is not going to change a law when they do not see a benefit to citizens in changing it.

Has farm-fresh unprocessed milk played a positive role in your life?  Has it helped you with health, nutrition, or well-being?  What about your agister, your animals, your farm?   BCHA is looking for stories of raw milk, to both publish on this website and to compile and send to the government, to the Honourable Dr. Terry Lake, Minister of Health.   Dr. Lake is the decision-maker who has the ability to change the archaic law from 1988 that makes raw milk the only food for human consumption classified as a “health hazard.”

Let’s educate the government about what the benefits of raw milk have been for us.  Send your stories to, with the subject line “My story.”   Your name and contact information will be kept private unless you tell us otherwise.

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BCHA Newsletter Issue 2 Oct 2015

BCHA newsletter imageCome and read our second newsletter, just published – full of news and details about our meetings with the B.C. Government about how to get the law changed (Summary:  It can be done!  We just have to do the necessary work.).   Download this issue in PDF format from:

B.C. Herdshare Association Newsletter – Issue 2 (October 2015)

We are also calling for submissions for our next issue – including classified advertising and news from your community and your herdshare.   Send to and include “Newsletter” in the subject line.