We want to hear your positive raw milk stories!

Last month, a raw milk consumer here in B.C. spoke to a staff person at the Ministry of Health, sharing her story about how raw milk is helping her with a serious health issue.   This staff person told her that this was the FIRST positive thing that the Ministry had ever heard from the public about raw milk, the first time they had heard that it has any benefits!

BCHA wants to ensure that the decision-makers hear more accounts of raw milk’s benefits and the positive ways in which it has supported and improved lives.   The government is not going to change a law when they do not see a benefit to citizens in changing it.

Has farm-fresh unprocessed milk played a positive role in your life?  Has it helped you with health, nutrition, or well-being?  What about your agister, your animals, your farm?   BCHA is looking for stories of raw milk, to both publish on this website and to compile and send to the government, to the Honourable Dr. Terry Lake, Minister of Health.   Dr. Lake is the decision-maker who has the ability to change the archaic law from 1988 that makes raw milk the only food for human consumption classified as a “health hazard.”

Let’s educate the government about what the benefits of raw milk have been for us.  Send your stories to contact@bcherdshare.org, with the subject line “My story.”   Your name and contact information will be kept private unless you tell us otherwise.