In Memory of Jackie Ingram

Jacqueline (Jackie) Ingram, founder and first spokesperson of the B.C. Herdshare Association, recently passed away from cancer.  Many of you would have known her from Home on the Range, both speaking for the herdshare and with her husband Allan running the Home on the Range Organics store at 235 East Broadway in Vancouver.

Jackie was a powerhouse — as a spokesperson for the herdshare community and for BCHA she met with Premier Christy Clark (in 2011) and then Agriculture Ministers Don McRae (in 2011) and Norman Letnick (in 2014) — all of whom supported raw milk legalization.  Health Minister Terry Lake said he was too busy to meet with her, but she then had productive meetings with his staff.

You can hear her speak in this at the 2011 raw milk demonstration at the B.C. Legislature (go to 27:30 in this video).

She also organized the “Fresh Milk Food Politics” conference (Vancouver, 2013) where she announced the creation of the BC Herdshare Association.

To many of us, she was our inspiration and our “fearless leader.”   We’ll all miss her!