Community Survey

As part of the process for creating the British Columbia Herdshare Association, our volunteers published a survey during March and April of 2014 to receive input from the herdshare community of British Columbia to as the community to tell us what this organization should be and do.  We thank everyone who participated!

The survey was distributed in several versions:  an online electronic form using Limesurvey, a PDF form which could be printed-out and mailed in, and paper copies which herdshares distributed to their members to be mailed in.

We also contacted twenty-one agisters around the province by email to ask if they would be willing to be interviewed about issues which are relevant to them, and posted a “call-out” to agisters on our website.  This is an ongoing project – our interviews are not yet complete, and we would love to hear from more agisters and other fresh-milk farmers.

The results of the survey and the interviews were compiled by the Steering Committee, and the message that you, the herdshare community gave us, formed our purposes and mission statement:

Mission Statement:

To serve and support the herdshare community of British Columbia.


  • Advocacy:  To advocate on behalf of the herdshare community and its members to the general public, to governments and their agencies, and to any other body that may be appropriate.
  • Support:  To support, advance, and promote the interests of the herdshare community of British Columbia.
  • Education:  To promote knowledge sharing by education and mentorship programs and to serve as a resource for providing information regarding herdshare best practices.