Farmer-to-Farmer Mentor Match

Are you an agister who would like to connect with an experienced mentor to learn more about farming, fresh milk production, herdsharing, or a related topic?   Farmer mentors are available to share their knowledge and wisdom with you. (Mentors are not necessarily volunteers, and every hour they spend mentoring is an hour away from their own farms, so expect to adequately compensate them for their time and travel expenses).  Currently, mentors are available to share their expertise in:

  • Organizing a livestock owner group (LOG).
  • Permaculture.
  • Diversified, sustainable farming
  • Setting up a cooperative in B.C.
  • Using sprouting systems for alternative feed
  • Goat care

How it works:   Provide us with your contact information, where you live, a bit about your background, and what you would like to learn.  We will then pass your information along to a mentor who has offered his or her expertise in that area.  If that mentor is available, they will contact you and you both can arrange details of content, time, and payment.  If they are not available, BCHA will let you know.  Note:  BCHA provides this solely as a matching service. All mentors are independent and BCHA is not responsible for the content of any mentor session or communications between mentor and mentoree.

Are you an experienced agister or farmer who wants to share your expertise by mentoring?  Contact us for more details on how to offer your own services.