RAWMI Listing

Raw Milk Institute (RAWMI) Listed farmers are dedicated to producing clean, safe raw milk. They develop a plan for managing the health and hygiene of their farm, and test their milk regularly to ensure compliance with the RAWMI Common Standards for low-risk raw milk. RAWMI Listing is the gold standard for raw milk producers!

Whether you are a micro dairy or sell raw dairy products across the nation, our team of experts can help you. RAWMI Listing is FREE for farmers!

Apply for RAWMI Listing to join our BC Fresh Milk Project to receive RAWMI training and obtain a discounted rate for testing milk samples at MB Laboratories in Sidney, BC.

See “How to Become RAWMI-Listed” for more information and either fill in the form at the bottom of the page or download and fill in this Listing Application form (.XLS format) and email it to contact@rawmilkinstitute.org.

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