Grass-to-Glass Raw Milk Training

Agister-to-Agister Standards and Mentoring
Presented by the British Columbia Herdshare Association

“From Grass to Glass: Farm-Fresh Milk Excellence”


Get trained in safe and nutritious farm-fresh, unprocessed milk production, for herdshares and fresh milk dairy farms of any size.   Any type of dairy livestock, one animal or 400, Raw Milk Institute standards and  on-farm food safety training program can work for you!

Course Objectives:   Herdshare agisters will learn about fresh milk best practices and how to create and implement food safety plans tailored-to their individual farm.

We will cover: 

  • Introduction – The Raw Milk Institute (RAWMI) and the British Columbia Herdshare Association (BCHA)
  • Conditions for the production of safe fresh milk
  • Why we test for coliforms, standard plate count, and pathogens
  • Identifying your Critical Control Points (CCPs)
  • On-Farm Food Safety Planning:  the  Standard Sanitary Operating Procedures (SSOP) and Risk Assessment and Management Plan (RAMP)
  • Sanitary management of fresh milk
  • The importance of livestock diet for milk quality
  • Caring for fresh milk: The responsible herdshare member
  • Questions and answers

Mentoring provided on-site at your farm by a trained herdshare agister.

Cost:  This training is provided as a free service to the herdshare community by the British Columbia Herdshare Association. Donations to help cover instructor time and travel costs are appreciated! 

InstructoAlice Jongerden, Agister Mentorr Biography:  

Trained in raw milk best practices at the Raw Milk Institute’s demonstration farm in California and in food safety at BCIT, Alice Jongerden is a RAWMI-trained peer mentor and operated Canada’s first RAWMI-Listed farm (2013).   As a RAWMI-trainer, she has trained agisters in both BC and Ontario, and is a member of the research team which developed the “BC Fresh Milk Project.”

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To request training, go to the page “How to Become RAWMI-Listed” and either fill in the form at the bottom of the page or download and fill in this Listing Application form (.XLS format) and email it to