Announcement: “Raw Milk: RAWMI, Safety, Science, Politics, Our Biome, and the Future”

 Free public lecture at UBC by two of North America's
foremost raw milk experts, Mark McAfee and Alice Jongerden

Update:   A  video of this talk will
be posted on the website soon.

When:    Tuesday February 27, 7:00 PM
Where:   The University of British Columbia:   HR MacMillan Building, Room 166  (click for map)

Mark McAfee

Mark McAfee from the Raw Milk institute (RAWMI) in California:

  • The Raw Milk Institute and how RAWMI-listed farmers are producing clean milk
  • The "BC Fresh Milk" Pilot Project
  • The nutritional benefits of raw milk and its effect on the gut biome.
  • BCHA and RAWMI meetings with government and researchers
Alice Jongerden

Alice Jongerden, BCHA Volunteer and RAWMI Trainer:

  • The past journey: A compilation of actions surrounding Fresh Milk in BC
  • The future journey: Where we go from here and the important part that we as citizens can play.